Ammos and Giro Pizza!

I bet you’re thinking “Now what’s going on? Giro pizza?” We are definitely the first ones in Moraira to introduce this famous Italian event so I can understand that you aren’t completely familiar with the term. Giro pizza literally means turning pizza.. You might be imagining a turning pizza at the moment, and although it’s a cool thought, this isn’t exactly what the event is about. Basically, here comes the good news, on Giro Pizza days you can eat as much pizza (yes, NO limits) for only 9,95! If you’re a pizza lover, your problems end here! The only thing you have to do is tell us the ingredients you don’t like, and we’ll take care of the rest.. Yes, you read it correctly.. endless surprise pizzas. At the moment we will have Giro Pizza twice a week, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.. So, don’t miss out on the “turning” pizza fun! See you there!

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