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Because it is the AMMOS experience, because it is important what we are going to eat but also important the kind of experience we are going to live, because we want to learn with you, because every year we open restaurants in a different place in Spain, because we have vacancies for different jobs, because job opportunities arise every day, AMMOS has prepared for you a job portal. We want to grow with you.

Shall we begin?

Our vision

We care about your work and personal time. We are a “fantastic place to work” and a great working family.

Our culture allows for innovation, creativity and room to take risks, all while putting our whole selves into our work. We believe that without diversity of thought and a dedication to equality for all, progress cannot be made. Together, we are dedicated to the growth of talent, leadership and HR culture. of AMMOS, as we work to advance an inclusive future for all….

Vacancies available

Ammos Group is continually growing, which is why we offer jobs throughout the year. We currently have restaurants in Moraira, Jávea and Valencia. In addition, we are constantly evolving and expanding our brand. Our current job offers are:

  • Cooks
  • Waiters
  • Room Manager
  • Administration
  • HR Technician
  • Maintenance
  • Area Manager

Your benefits

Of course there are benefits if you work at Ammos!

At Ammos we care about our employees and their well-being. It is important to us that you feel valued, well treated and that you feel part of the project and part of the company’s growth. In practice, this means that our employees receive great benefits. If you like what you read, read on!

Leveraging success together

The Ammos Human Resources and Incentive Program (AIP) encourages and rewards our employees’ daily commitment and long-term involvement. This means that you, as an employee, will be able to benefit from the expected growth of Ammos, in addition to growing internally in the company.

Health benefits

We offer several health insurance options to eligible workers. We want you to feel cared for by us, we will take care of each other.

Dine and eat for less

As you know, Ammos’ menu and prices are unbeatable, but as an employee, they are even better! All our employees get a discount when they consume at Ammos.

Training and development

Ammos provides in-house training at all levels. We want Ammos to be a place where our employees feel more valued and at ease with their work, where they are given the opportunity to develop. This is achieved both through rotation and internal promotion possibilities, as well as by offering opportunities at the national level.

Reviews and open dialogues

We believe that feedback and job evaluations are crucial to the development and satisfaction of our employees. Our annual evaluations and salary reviews are just a few of our ways to ensure your growth. For us, the personal and professional development of our employees is an integral part of Ammos’ development. Together we can continue to build on the company’s success.
Barra restaurante Ammos


At Ammos, we firmly believe that sustainability is a key point in the operation of our company. We work every day to make various changes to help us achieve a more sustainable world.

Our packaging is made of cardboard and we avoid the use of plastic in our restaurants as well as in our take-away and pick-up orders. We continually strive to achieve a sustainable and environmentally committed industry.


Do you want to combine studies and work? At Ammos we have several job openings with different schedules so that you can work part-time or during your vacations. This is the perfect opportunity to start your career at Ammos. In addition, you can also do an internship with us and learn about the working world in a fantastic environment.

Contact Human Resources

Contact our human resources department to find out more about our job openings. Email us at and join the team.